Welcome to Our Celebration

Welcome to our celebration!

We all love to see our favorite celebrities latest photos online. We love to celebrate the work they’ve done and we love to watch them grow in their accomplishments. As fans, we come together to promote their latest projects. From camping out for premieres to attending conventions and movie festivals, we integrate ourselves into fandoms and families.

Among the thousands of fan sites for our favorite celebrities, there are often the ones that  post stories and photos that are less than fan-like. These are the ones that post paparazzi photos and have staff that bother celebrities in public and take pictures of them.

This blog is where we hope to share your favorite celebrity information including only official photographs and photographs taken at official fan events (i.e., red carpet premieres, autograph signings, etc.) We will not post photos taken at airports or private events that are floating around the internet.

This is about privacy for our favorite celebrities. We can celebrate them without invading their personal space.
Again, welcome to our family!



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