Divergent News Round-Up!

Here’s the latest round-up of news on ‘Divergent.’

Veronica Roth was on hand at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books this weekend and discussed a little insider scoop on her writing. Roth is going to continue writing after the release of ‘Allegient’ in October of this year. She has stated that the Divergent series will end with Allegient, but she will continue to work on other novels.


Here is the latest roster of the cast of ‘Divergent.’ Sorry Booboo Stewart fans! Uriah will not appear in the first film therefore they have not yet cast the role. Fan favorite Stewart is getting much applause and support from fans on Twitter who are determined to have Stewart cast as Uriah.

Beatrice Prior/Tris will be played by Shailene Woodley, most known for her role as Amy on ABC Familys ‘Secret Life of the American Teenager.’

Natalie Prior (Tris’ mother) will be played by Ashley Judd, known for roles such as Lexie Cooper in ‘Where the Heart Is’ and Dr. Kate McTieran in ‘Kiss the Girls.’

Marcus Eaton will be portrayed by Ray Stevenson. Stevenson boasts credits such as Volstagg in Marvel’s ‘Thor,’ Firefly in ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ and is currently filming to reprise his role as Volstagg in Marvel’s ‘Thor: The Dark World.’

Jeanine Matthews, the woman we all love to hate, will be portrayed by none other than Kate Winslet. Winslet is most well known for her role as Rose in Titanic opposite Leonardo DiCaprio.

Eric will be portrayed by Jai Courtney who has recently starred in ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ opposite Bruce Willis and a had a recurring role in 2010 on the hit show ‘Spartacus: War of the Damned.’

Four, a role that many awaited the casting announcement with bated breath, was snatched up by Theo James. James has been in films such as ‘Underworld: Awakening.’ We all look forward to seeing what James’ brings to the role of Four.

Tori, a tattoo artist who befriends Tris, will be portrayed by Maggie Quigley. Quigley stars as Nikita in the hit show ‘Nikita’ and has also done work in a handful of other action flicks including ‘Live Free or Die Hard.’

Christina, Tris’ closest friend in the series, will be played by Zoe Kravitz. Kravitz, daughter of famed musician Lenny Kravitz, has previously starred in ‘X-Men: First Class’ as well as had a recurring role on David Duchovny’s ‘Californication.’

Peter will be portrayed by Miles Teller. Teller had roles in ‘Project X,’ ’21 and Over,’ ‘Footloose,’ and snagged a role in ‘The Rabbit Hole’ alongside Nicole Kidman.

Caleb Prior, Tris’ brother, will be played by Angel Elgort. Elgort can be seen in the 2013 remake of ‘Carrie.’

Max will be portrayed by Mekhi Phifer. Phifer has had a lucrative career, boasting credits in shows such as ‘White Collar,’ ‘Torchwood,’ and ‘Lie to Me.’ He also boasts film credits in ‘Dawn of the Dead,’  and ‘O’.

Will has been given to Ben Lloyd-Hughes. Hughes has been seen in 2012’s ‘Great Expectations.’

Al, who we will love and hate all at the same time, has been casted to Christian Madsen. Madsen has previously worked on films such as ‘Refuge from the Storm’ and ‘In Time.’

Edward will be portrayed by Ben Lamb. Lamb has credit in a recurring role on the British show ‘The White Queen.’


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