‘Allegiant’ Cover Revealed!

‘Divergent’ fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of the cover art for the final piece of the trilogy, ‘Allegiant.’

Roth spoke with Ryan Seacrest on this morning’s episode of “The Today Show” in the attached video interview and talked about her theories on the popularity of the series.

Unlike many “Divergent” fan art submissions and expectations, the symbol contained on the cover for “Allegiant” is not one of the traditional faction symbols (many expected the Abnegation faction hands or the Erudite eye to be used for the artwork) … rather, it’s a circular, watery wave image.

Also, the bottom of the cover contains a cityscape glimpse — only, this time there appears to be a little fence action involved near the Chicago O’Hare airport.

Veronica Roth on ‘The Today Show’

So many details to pick through, right?

Any observations you’d like to point out? What do you think of the “Allegiant” cover?

“Allegiant” will be released on Oct. 22.


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