‘The Big Bang Theory’ Finale Video Exclusive

The team over at TV Line got their hands on an exclusive finale video for this season of ‘The Big Bang Theory.’

Let’s get this straight, Sheldon: Green Lantern? Cool. Being green with envy that your best bud snagged a plum professional gig? Uncool.

That interpretation may be a little blunt for The BigBang Theorys awkward Dr. Cooper, so we’ll allow Penny — via this exclusive look at next Thursday’s season finale (CBS, 8/7c) — to add some finesse. “Just because good things are happening to Leonard doesn’t take anything away from you,” she informs her pal, who’s bummed because Leonard’s been offered an exciting job opportunity overseas.

But does her message get through? And will Leonard accept an exciting opportunity overseas? Press PLAY on the video below to find out!

Follow this link to check it out!


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