Thoughtful Thursday!

This week are featuring Kellan Lutz!

Kellan is incredible! He is an sweet man and his work with various charities shows just how selfless he is. We want to feature a few of the charities that Kellan has been working closely with.

  • Saving Innocence

Saving Innocence is an incredible group organized to rescue and restore child victims of sex trafficking through strategic partnerships with local law enforcement, social service providers, and schools, while mobilizing communities to prevent abuse and increase neighborhood safety. It is no secret that sex trafficking exists in America. It is not just something you see in movies. Having been founded by Kim Biddle, Saving Innocence is doing it’s part to try to save those affected by this tragic reality. The group provides many resources such as providing 24 hour emergency crisis response, long-term support for child survivors, and create awareness for a problem that needs a solution. Kellan Lutz has been on hand to help financially support the program. He hosts a number of charity dinners and luncheons to help raise funds and awareness. We applaud the team at Saving Innocence for doing something so incredible.

  • PETA

Kellan has worked with PETA in the past as a celebrity representative for their pro-adoption ads. We love the message he is trying to help send! Go out and adopt a new member of the family, but be sure you know the responsibility you’re taking on when you adopt a pet. Kellan posed with an adorable animal co-star to spread the message “Don’t buy, ADOPT!”

  • ONE Campaign

Kellan has actively been involved in the ONE campaign. This campaign is welcoming people to join the fight against AIDS.

We are so proud of each and every celebrity who has utilized their presence in the spotlight to bring awareness to the various social issues facing our world. We applaud Kellan Lutz for his incredible charity work and we hope this will inspire you to, like Kellan, take a stand and make a difference. Get involved in a local charity and start changing the world!

Share your thoughts with me!

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