‘Vampire Academy’ Film Gets It’s Start!

We are so pleased that Richelle Mead’s amazing series is getting the attention it so deserves. After being picked up by a wonderful production team, the Vampire Diaries has begun casting and preparing to film! After a few years of this being in talks, we are excited to see this project come to fruition.

We have an updated list of the current cast for you to view!

Our beloved Rose Hathaway will be portrayed by Zoey Deutch. Zoey is known for roles in Beautiful Creatures and the short lived drama Ringer

Vasilisa Dragomir, our favorite spirit user, is being portrayed by Lucy Fry. Fry is known for her starring role in Lightning PointAlthough we’re hesitant to make a decision on this casting role as of yet, we hope that Lucy Fry will rise to the occasion and be the perfect Lisa!

Dimitri Belikov has been given to a Russian actor named Danila Kozlovsky. We hope this will lend a sense of realism to the role of Dimitri. We are most excited to see Kozlovsky on the big screen to see if he lives up to our image of Dimitri.

The important role of Headmistress Kirova goes to Olga Kurylenko. Kurylenko is known for her roles in American films such as Quantum of Solace, Seven Psychopaths and Oblivion.

Actress Claire Foy has snagged the role of Sonya Karp. Foy has been seen in Season of the Witch and the UK drama, White Heat.

American actor Cameron Monaghan will be seen in the film as Mason Ashford. Monaghan boasts film credits such as Click  in 2006 and a recurring role on Showtime’s hit show Shameless.

Sami Gayle managed to snag the role of Mia Rinaldi in the film adaptation. Gayle was recently seen starring alongside Nicholas Cage in Stolen.

Ashley Charles, an actor who had a brief stint on the UK drama The White Queen, has claimed the role of Jesse Zelkos. We have not seen much of Charles’ work, but we are excited to see how he does in the role.


Stay tuned to our page for all the latest updates on Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters!



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