Movie Maniac Monday- May 20th

This week we’re featuring the movies of Kellan Lutz for Movie Maniac Monday! We hope you enjoy the clips we’ve chosen that show all of our favorite sides of Mr. Lutz!

Java Heat: Lutz’s upcoming project!

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2: Even though we HATED his hair in this film, we love this scene! 

30 Rock: Kellan guest stars on the hit NBC show!

Immortals: Poseidon never looked so good!

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1: Emmett’s toast is the highlight of the wedding! (We included all of them!)

Arena: Kellan takes on a dramatic action packed role!

Love, Wedding, Marriage: A romantic comedy that steals your breath away!

A Warrior’s Heart: Kellan’s role really touched my heart! 

Twilight Saga: Eclipse: Emmett steals our hearts again!

A Nightmare on Elm Street: A remake with a hunk to die for! 

Twilight Saga: New Moon: Brief but beautiful! 

Twilight Saga: Our monkey man!

Prom Night: Kellan rocks a tux and we are loving it! (Awful quality, but we still love him!

Accepted: Not many people know that Mr. Lutz was in this film!

Stick It: Not the best film, but we love Kellan anyways!

Agent Hashtag: No explanation needed!

Kellan thanks his fans!


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