Universal has picked up the rights to ‘School for Good and Evil’ trilogy by Soman Chainani

The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Universal has picked up the rights to Soman Chainani’s novel, which is the first of a trilogy, titled School for Good and Evil. The story follows best friends Agatha and Sophie who are selected to attend ‘The School for Good and Evil,’ where they will be trained to become fairy tale villains or heroes…but they may not be put into the category they expected.

In what’s becoming a trend in adaptations, this only just hit stores and hasn’t become available in the UK yet! No more waiting for things to catch on, studios just go directly to the source (publishers) and are optioning manuscripts. If you’re in the U.S. you can pick it up (it hit stores on May 14th) but if you’re in the UK you’ll have to wait until June 6th. Joe Roth and Palek Patel (Snow White and the HuntsmanOz the Great and Powerful) are producing the film along with Jane Startz. Chainani will write the screenplay with Malia Scotch-Marmo, who wrote the screenplay for Hook.



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