Your SDCC Wish-List!

Do you have your must sees and wants for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con?! We personally are so EXCITED for this journey! We LOVE this wonderful wish-list post from Megan over at our favorite blog, The Nerdy Girlie!

Our Top Ten Wish-List for SDCC ’13

  • Doctor Who: With the 50th anniversary this year and the announcement that Matt Smith is leaving, this is the year to be at the Doctor Who panel. We are hoping we’ll have some luck with a camp out to get a really good spot!
  • Being Human: I had the pleasure of meeting Sam Witwer at Phoenix Comic Con last month and I’m super excited to see the whole cast together! If there’s anyone we’d really like to run into again, it’s Sam Witwer!
  • Dexter: The final season is upon us and we are more than ready to celebrate the end of a beloved show!
  • PSYCH!: A show we’ve followed since the beginning is on it’s last legs and, *fingers crossed*, USA will bring the show for one last hurrah at SDCC! We’re dying to see the fabulous duo in person! (Maybe even get a pineapple signed!)
  • The Mortal Instruments: We love Cassandra Clare so when she hinted that TMI would get it’s panel on Friday, we set to planning on it! This is going to be a really big hit this year and we’re excited we’ll get some inside scoop at the panel.
  • Marvel: Anything and everything Marvel, we want to be at. With the slew of movies coming out, we know that it’ll be an absolute blast!
  • Felicia Day: I LOVE Felicia Day. She is incredible! I’ve been dying to meet her FOREVER and this might just be my chance!
  • Meeting Twitter buddies: Especially @thenerdygirlie whose blog is so incredible! If you haven’t read it, head over to! She has some great SDCC tips and tricks!
  • The Walking Dead:  I don’t even feel the need to explain this. Zombies are my forte. Horror is my forte! Bring on TWD and if I can get to meet some of the cast I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet I will be beyond happy!
  • Nathan Fillion and anything Firefly or Joss Whedon related: These are things and people I love. I’m excited! I know Joss Whedon might be a hard man to meet, but I would DIE if I got to meet him. He’s created the shows I have been a die-hard fan of for years! (Especially Buffy!!)

Feel free to send us your wish-list items and we’ll share them!

Share your thoughts with me!

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