Harry Potter Fandom Panel SDCC

If you’re a Harry Potter fan and attending Comic-Con, this is for you. On Sunday, July 21st, there will be a fan panel in Room 6DE. Here are some details:

The Harry Potter fandom panel returns to Comic Con for its 6th year! Hope you can join us for the panel & a little post-con hangout session afterwards!

Panelists include:
Joey Richter & Brian Rosenthal StarKidPotter
Mark Oshiro (MarkDoesStuff.com),
Harrison Homel – International Quidditch Association
Leslie Combemale – ArtInsights
Alex Carpenter – The Remus Lupins
Lauren Bird – The HP Alliance
Heidi Tandy – FictionAlley (Moderator)
And hopefully some special guests, too!

We’ll be in Room 6DE and can’t wait to see you there!

As always, the Harry Potter fandom panel is dedicated to the memory of our friend Eric Bowling, creator and founder of the SDCC HP Fan Panel.

You can RSVP on their Facebook event page. The panel is at 4:15PM!



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