31 Days of Halloween: Scream More than Once: SCREAM 4

Scream 4 (2011)

Tens years have passed since Sydney last fought Ghostface. She has moved on with her life including having written a best selling self-help book. On the last leg of her book tour, Syd returns to Woodsboro- the place it all began. Here she is reunited with Dewey and Gale, her aunt and her cousin. Unfortunately for Sydney, you can’t always return home with a few skeletons in your closet. The killer has returned and this time there’s no guarantee anyone will make it out alive. Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox return to their roles joined by new comers Emma Roberts (Valentine’s Day, Hotel for Dogs and niece of Julia Roberts), Hayden Panettiere (Heroes, Nashville), Alison Brie (Community, Mad Men), Adam Brody (The O.C., Gilmore Girls) and Rory Culkin (Signs).

The Characters:

Rebecca: Sydney’s publicist is all about getting Syd famous. She’s ambitious and driven. I quite liked her character. Most of her scenes were with the three main characters of the film. 

Kirby: Best friend to Sydney’s cousin Jill, Kirby is just what you would expect of a high school girl. Loud, rambunctious, and rebellious- all the things that fit hand in hand with a good horror film. She likes Charlie who just so happens to play a large role in the film. 

Jill: As Sydney’s cousin, it is no surprise that Jill is an unsuspecting victim of Ghostface. She is a seemingly innocent teenager reeling from a betrayal from her boyfriend who is thrown into the deep end as a killer stalks and murders her friends. Little do the viewers know that behind that innocent facade is a fame-seeking psycho. 

Charlie: Quiet and nerdy, it’s no shock that Charlie is part of the whole plan. Killed by Jill, Charlie dies, leaving Jill the sole survivor…or so she thinks. 

Deputy Judy: Having gone to school with Sydney, Judy was not an original target of Ghostface. In the new film, Judy is basically Dewey from the first film. She appears to have a small crush on Dewey which causes tension between her and Gale. Regardless, Judy saves Gale from the killer. 

The Deaths:

– Olivia: Kirby is getting what she believes to be a prank call from Jill’s ex-boyfriends phone. It’s the killer claiming to be in the closet. He tells her he never said her closet and proceed to murder Olivia in her room. 

– Kirby- Charlie tricks Kirby into thinking he’s being attacked by Ghostface only to turn on her when she comes outside to untie him. He stabs her in the stomach.  Kirby is left to bleed to death. 

– Trevor: The ultimate death scene in this movie, Trevor is murdered by Jill. Furious with him for cheating on her, Jill shoots Trevor in the groin before shooting him in the head. 

-Charlie: Thinking that him and Jill are going to be uber famous for surviving the attacks, Charlie is surprised when Jill stabs him in the heart. She tells him that there’s nothing people love more than a sole survivor. 

– Jill: As Jill lies in a hospital bed, she is pleased with herself thinking she is finally the sole survivor of the killings. She believes she has murdered Sydney until Dewey informs her that she is still alive. Sneaking into Syd’s room, Jill attempts to kill Sydney one last time. Jill is killed in this scene after being electrocuted by Sydney. 


– This is the first movie where Dewey doesn’t get stabbed in some way.
– This movie is the sequel with the most homage count to its original.
– Sidney’s Blue Climax scene outfit closely resembles her blue Jacket and undershirt in Scream.
– Dewey says the line, “Gale, behind you.” in this movie and in Scream 3 and 2.
– This is the third movie that Sidney falls from a height. In Scream she falls off the roof onto a boat. In Scream 3 she jumps out of the window of her mothers “murder room scene” and in this movie she slips off the roof.
– This movie still involves The Stairs Chase scene.
– The protagonist/s see a dead body, then the killer gives chase. This is featured in the First and the Fourth movies. I.e. In Scream : Dewey with the knife in his back being witnessed by Sidney then the killer chases her. In Scream 4 : Robbie bleeding to death being witnessed by Sidney, Jill and Kirby then the killer runs after them.
– Several of the new characters appear to be based on the characters of the first movie:The killer was featured on the movie poster for Scream 4. That hadn’t been done since the 1st Scream movie.
* Jill Roberts resembles Sidney Prescott and Billy Loomis.
* Kirby Reed resembles Tatum Riley and Sidney Prescott.
* Trevor Sheldon resembles Billy Loomis and Neil Prescott.
* Charlie Walker resembles Randy Meeks and Stu Macher.
* Robbie Mercer resembles Stu Macher and Randy Meeks.
* Ross Hoss and Judy Hicks are based on Dewey Riley.
* Rebecca Walters is based on Gale Weathers.
* Olivia Morris shares some similarities with Tatum Riley.
* Kate Roberts resembles Maureen Prescott, Sidney’s deceased mother.
– As of this movie, there are only 3 original survivors left.
– During the scene in the Cinema Club, posters from various other movies directed by Wes Craven were seen. These include The People Under the Stairs and The Hills Have Eyes.
– This is the first movie that the motive doesn’t have to do with or relate to Maureen Prescott’s murder, although her death was mentioned and recreated, Jill stated that her own mother had to die and the truth to the original.
– Scream 4 is referenced in British Drama Waterloo Road.
– Scream 4 is referenced for a mistake in Great Movie Mistakes III: Not In 3D.

The Rules:

“Don’t fuck with the original.” (Stated to be first rule by Sidney.)
– “You pretty much have to be gay in order to survive. Everybody dies.”
– The original ending is a false ending in the remake.
– The killer is always behind you.

Ode to Film:

– References to Previous Scream Films

** Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper’s deaths are a ‘remake’ of Casey Becker and Steven Orth’s deaths.
** The scene were Jenny Randall’s back gets crushed by a garage door is a minor reference to Tatum’s death in the first movie. This reference is in the Theatrical Version only.
** The scene were Charlie is tied to a chair and Kirby being quizzed by Ghostface is a reference to the opening scene of Scream.
** The Stab-a-thon in an isolated Barn hosted by Charlie and Robbie is similar to Stu Macher hosting a party in his isolated house as a set for the finale of the Woodsboro killing spree.
** The two “Stab” opening scenes reference the openings to the first two Scream films. In the first scene (from “Stab 6”) two teen girls, home alone, receive menacing phone calls before being killed (like Casey in Scream). In the second scene (from “Stab 7”), a girl is stabbed in the gut by the person sitting next to her while watching a “Stab” movie (like Maureen in Scream 2).
** Officer Hoss and Officer Perkins are homages to Detective Richards and Detective Andrews from Scream 2. Like the Detectives in Scream 2 the Officers in this movie die in/next to the vehicle whilst protecting Sidney and her loved ones.
** Judy Hicks wears a bulletproof vest to defend herself from gunshot. This a reference to Scream 3.
** Ghostface calls Sidney to tell her to turn on the news where she sees a reporter talking about Gale’s attack, and telling her everyone is going to die while all Sidney can do is watch, similar to another Ghostface calling in Scream 3, who wants her to turn on the news where she sees news reporters talking about the death of Cotton Weary and asks her if she thinks the killings are over.

– Saw IV(mentioned in Stab 6)- the movie Trudie and Sherrie were suppose to watch. Trudie finds the movie gross instead of scary.

– Halloween- mentioned by Kirby when quizzed by Ghostface. Jill also mentions Michael Myers the killer of the movie. (Rated Version)
– Texas Chainsaw Massacre- mentioned by Kirby while quizzed by Ghostface. Charlie mentions Leatherfacethe killer of the movie.
– Dawn of the Dead
– The Hills have Eyes
– Black Christmas
– Last House on the Left
– The Amytiville Horror
– Piranha
– Bambi- Kirby’s ‘favourite scary movie’ as a reply to Robbie’s question.
– Peeping Tom
– Suspiria
– Don’t Look Now
– Shaun of the Dead- watched by Jill and Kirby.
– Prom Night
– Final Destination – Olivia says the Final Destination franchise should be about Sidney since everyone who meets her dies.
– Sorority Row
– Child’s Play
– A Nightmare On Elm Street
– The Exorcist
– Friday the 13th
– When a Stranger Calls

Halloween Horror Rating:

Halloween 5

Terror Rating:

Terror 5



31 Days of Halloween Countdown: Scream More than Once: SCREAM 3

Scream 3 (2000)

Wes Craven returned to direct the third film in what was now the Scream trilogy. This film follows the cast of Stab 3 as they are stalked and murdered following the pattern of their deaths in the script. Dewey is working as a technical adviser on the film and is reunited with Gale when she’s brought on by the detectives as an expert on the killings. This film brings us new information about the death of Maureen Prescott, the murders in Woodsboro and the murders that took place at Windsor College. Everything you thought you knew doesn’t matter anymore. Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette return to the big screen to reprise their roles as does Liev Schreiber for a brief stint. The cast is now joined by Patrick Dempsey (Grey’s Anatomy), Scott Foley (Dawson’s Creek, Felicity), Deon Richmond (Hatchet, The Cosby Show), Jenny McCarthy (Jenny, The Drew Carey Show), Emily Mortimer (30 Rock, Shutter Island), Parker Posey (Coneheads, Josie and the Pussycats), and Patrick Warburton (The Tick, Rules of Engagement, Seinfeld).

The Characters:

– Detective Kincaid: I was pleasantly surprised to see Patrick Dempsey in this film. Not only is real easy on the eyes, he’s just an amazingly talented actor. Detective Kincaid works hard to find the killer and to try and figure out the tie between Maureen Prescott and the Stab 3 murders.

– Roman: The self-entitled child of a famous Hollywood director doesn’t care about the murders- he cares about his movie not getting made. Definitely a skeevy character, it’s no surprise when we find that there’s more to Roman than meets the eye.

– Angelina: The actress cast to play Sydney in the latest Stab film, Angelina has gone to certain measures to ensure she got the role. Now that the film is being threatened it’s expected that she would be upset. Angelina was one of the more annoying characters in the film that I wish they would have done away with all together. It was hard to watch her scenes without wanting to fast forward.

– Jennifer: The love triangle between Jennifer, Dewey and Gale is hilarious. This role was written so well and Posey did an incredible job bringing that film diva to life.

– Martha: In this film we meet Randy’s sister. She has come along to show the gang a video tape Randy had left behind after his unfortunate death back at Windsor College.

The Deaths:

– Cotton Weary: The film begins with this one. After everything he had been through (prison, fighting Ghostface in the second film), Cotton finally has it all- a hit television show, adoring fans and a beautiful woman at home. Unfortunately for him, he’s the first target as is his unsuspecting girlfriend. The scene is actually quite genius!

– Tom: Nothing says a film on fire quite like the exploding death of the man who plays Dewey in Stab 3. Running back inside to read the page coming from the fax machine, Tom has no light but the lighter in his pocket. The killer has caused a major gas leak which leads to an explosive end to Tom Prinze.

– Jennifer: Definitely a character I would have expected to live through the film, her death is original. She finds her way into a secret passageway leading to a one way mirror. Through the mirror she can see Dewey and Gale but they cannot hear her screams as the killer advances towards her. Dewey finally notices the glass shaking and begins shooting out the mirror. By the time he reaches Jennifer it is too late.

– Roman: He puts up quite a fight and for a while during the most intense part of the movie I was worried the bad guy might actually get the best of Sydney and the gang. The death is actually emotional. It’s no secret that the killers like to come back from the dead so Dewey nips that in the bud with one last shot: to the head.

The Rules:

“You’ve got a killer who’s gonna be superhuman. Stabbing him won’t work, shooting him won’t work. Basically in the third one, you gotta cryogenically freeze his head, decapitate him, or blow him up.”
“Anyone, including the main character, can die. This means you, Sid.”
“The past will come back to bite you in the ass. Whatever you think you know about the past, forget it. The past is not at rest! Any sins you think were committed in the past are about to break out and destroy you.”


– This film’s ending reveals the true mastermind behind the Woodsboro Murders.

– The name on the empty cinematographer’s chair on the set of the fictitious Stab 3 is the name of the real film’s actual cinematographer, Peter Deming.

– Jay and Silent Bob, who make an appearance, mistake Gale for TV reporter Connie Chung. They also ask her about Maury Povich. To return the favor, Kevin Smith, who plays Silent Bob, let Wes Craven be a part of his movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. He plays himself, who is on set directing the then fictional Scream 4.

– In the first few drafts, there was a fourth rule: “Never be alone” but was taken out because Gale immediately goes off alone afterwards.

Ode to Film:

– Jay and Silent Bob, the popular characters from Kevin Smith’s movies, appear as tourists visiting Sunrise Studios. In the original Scream, a VHS copy of their first film Clerks can be spotted in Stu Macher’s house. Kevin Smith would later go on to include Wes Craven in a cameo as the director of a fictitious Scream 4 in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back; in addition, a copy of Scream 3 can be seen in the background of a scene taking place within a video store in Smith’s 2004 film Jersey Girl.

– Wes Craven makes a cameo dressed as a tourist walking behind Jay and Silent Bob, outside the Stab 3 set.

– Carrie Fisher plays Bianca Burnette, an employee of the studio making Stab 3. Talking with Gale and Jennifer, she says that when she was young she tried to win the casting to play Princess Leia, but the role went to a girl who slept with George Lucas.

– Roger Corman appears as a studio executive in an early scene on the Stab 3 set.

Horrifying Halloween Rating:

Halloween 4

Terror Rating:

terror 4

31 Days of Halloween: Scream More than Once: SCREAM 2

Scream 2 (1997)

Directed once again by Wes Craven, this sequel follows Sydney to college two years after the tragic events in Woodsboro. Both her and Randy are now attending Windsor College, him focusing on film and her focusing on drama. Trying to move on with her life has been hard to do after Gale Weathers has written a tell all book entitled “The Woodsboro Murders” which is being turned into a film. As the film releases, a new wave of terror roles through town as a new killer dons the Ghostface costume and once again, Sydney must fight for her life. This film reunites Neve Campbell, Jamie Kennedy, David Arquette and Courtney Cox from the original film and brings on new comers Liev Schreiber, Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Timothy Olyphant (Justified, Hitman), Jerry O’Connell (Joe’s Apartment, Jerry Maguire) and Elise Neal (The Hughleys, My Manny).

The Characters:

– Hallie: Playing best friend to Sydney Prescott is a to die for role. In this film, Hallie is a fellow student at Windsor College and is incredibly supportive of Sydney. Unfortunately, it’s her event that first gets Sydney attacked: a mixer at Delta Lambda Zeta. She’s a sweet girl, but I was honestly surprised her character lived as long as she does.

– Cotton Weary: The man falsely put in jail for the murder of Maureen Prescott as a result of Sydney’s testimony, is finally free. Gale has promised him an interview with Sydney. Sydney, unaware of this plan, is surprised on campus one day and the event ends with Gale getting punched in the face yet again. Weary desperately wants recognition for his innocence and his fifteen minutes of fame. He ends up being a key component in the final scenes of the film.

– Mickey: Good ol’ Mickey. Turns out Mickey, another film buff, has just a few screws loose. He’s a handsome guy, smart-everything you’d ever imagine would work for a serial killer. Backed by the mother of Billy Loomis, Mickey thinks he’s going to have a huge famous trial and go down in history as one of the top world serial killers. Loomis’ mother has different plans for Mickey.

– Debbie Salt/Mrs. Loomis: Mrs. Loomis has concocted quite the scheme to get back at Sydney for the death of her baby boy. She has a fake identity and brings Mickey on board to be the second killer. Her plan is perfect- or so she thinks. Sydney is much tougher than round one.

– Derek: Syd’s love interest this time around is a great guy- pre-med, fraternity brother, and he loves her. He faces Ghostface not once, but twice trying to keep Sydney safe. Unfortunately for Syd, the plot just doesn’t let her be happy. After wavering with doubt when Mickey tries to convince her that Derek was the second killer, Derek is stabbed and left to bleed out. Sydney, distraught over the fact that she basically killed Derek by not believing, is not left alone to face Mickey and Mrs. Loomis.

The Deaths:

Randy: The one we thought would make it through it all (or at least most of the films) finally reaches his end. After bad mouthing the killer on his cell phone while the rest of the crew tries to find the caller, Randy is dragged into Gale’s van and killed. When the gang returns to the van and see’s blood spilling out of the closed doors, they find Randy dead inside. Many a fan shed tears for the death of Randy.

Cici: The sober sister, home alone while everyone else is at the mixer, puts up a good fight when faced by Ghostface. Unfortunately for her, she is captured and tossed over the balcony after being stabbed. Her death results in everyone leaving the mixer to see what’s going on and leaves Sydney vulnerable to the killer. It was hard to see Buffy go down like that.

Mickey: Thinking he’s about to become a legend due to all the media attention during his trial, Mickey states “it’s going to rock.” Shortly after, Mrs. Loomis guns Mickey down. The sheer fact that he is so excited to become a public spectacle and go down in the history books as one of the worlds greatest murderers only to be shot by a little woman makes this one of the better deaths in the film.

The Rules:

1. The body count is always bigger.
2. The death scenes are always much more elaborate, with more blood and gore.
3. Randy starts to describe the third rule: “If you want your films to become a successful franchise, never, ever…’ before being interrupted by Dewey. However, the film’s original teaser trailer featured an extended version of the rules scene which reveals that originally the third rule was supposed to be “Never, ever, under any circumstances assume the killer is dead.” This referenced Randy’s last line in the first Scream which stated that a killer always comes back to life for one last scare.

The lack of a third rule in the film’s final cut was a deliberate in-joke by the crew, referencing the fact that it is impossible to ensure that a horror franchise will be successful.


 –  In Cici Cooper’s death scene, at the time Ghostface is about to throw her out, use the frame by frame, you could see a man’s head peeping then sinking down again, probably thinking that the taping was over.

– The setting of the film is a reference to college slasher films where a group of college students gets killed off by a killer.
– The first person the killer calls in this movie is Cici Cooper. He then goes onto to kill her. The first person the killer called in Scream was Casey Becker. Cici was Casey’s copycat victim with her real name being Casey Cooper.
– Three actors from the Call of Duty video game franchise had appeared in this film. Liev Schreiber, who played Cotton Weary, had voiced the character Kamarov in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Sarah Michelle Gellar, who played Cici, appeared as a playable character in the Zombies level Call of the Dead, and Timothy Olyphant, who played one of the main antagonist’s Mickey Altieri, voiced the character of Grinch in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Ode to Film:

– Stab is a film based on ‘The Woodsboro Murders’ written by Gale Weathers. It is built as a spoof on Scream right down to the logo. The scenes seen in the film in the film directly correlate to scenes in the first film. Tori Spelling is interviewed by Nancy O’Dell (both making cameos) to promote the film.

– This time around we get the rules to a sequel thanks to the quick thinking of Randy and his knowledge of horror films.

– There are also references to David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston, who Courteney Cox Arquette co-starred with on Friends.

–  The first time we meet Cici Cooper she is alone in the sorority house and on the phone with her friend talking about the show Party of Five, on which Neve Campbell starred for six years.

Horrifying Halloween Rating:

Halloween 4

Terror Rating: 

Terror 3

31 Days of Halloween: Scream More than Once: SCREAM

I am a huge fan of the Scream series. If you’ve never watched it, you should and you shouldn’t read this for the risk of spoilers!

Here’s my break down of the series and why it makes this countdown!

Scream (1996)

Directed by Wes Craven, the original film tells the disturbing tale of a teen and her friends who are one by one killed off by a killer who dresses in a Ghostface costume. An all-star cast really brought the script to life. The film stars Neve Campbell (Party of Five, The Craft) as the adorable Sydney Prescott who, after suffering the loss of her mother at the hands of a murderer-rapist, is now forced to fight for her life as a killer comes calling for her. Also cast in the film was Rose McGowan (Jawbreaker, Charmed), Skeet Ulrich (The Craft, As Good as it Gets), Matthew Lillard (She’s All That, Dead Man’s Curve), Jamie Kennedy (Malibu’s Most Wanted) Courtney Cox (Friends) and David Arquette (The Outsiders).

The Characters:

Sydney: Campbell takes the role of the young girl who, after suffering the loss of her mother in such a horrible fashion, struggles with maintaining her relationship with her boyfriend. When the killings start to begin, their relationship only becomes more strained. After an attack, Sydney becomes concerned that Billy might just be the masked killer. Made to feel guilty over time for her assumption, she does what any hormone crazed teen in a horror film would do. Sydney decides now is the time to lose her virginity to Billy.

Tatum: Sydney’s best friend, Tatum is the typical party girl. All about fun, but incredibly loyal. Dating Billy’s best friend, Stu, Tatum doesn’t exactly hold Billy in the highest regard. Rose McGowan did such an amazing job with this role. Tatum, although she might not look like much, is quite the fighter.

Stu: Tatum’s boyfriend is quite the looker. Chock filled with jokes that are only funny because of how awful they are, Stu is quite the character. Stu is Billy’s best friend and it is very obvious in the film. He also has some of the best one liner’s.

Billy: Let’s face it. From the second Billy steps on the scene, anyone can tell he’s a total jerk. He’s creepy and just gives off some hell of awkward vibes. As Sydney’s boyfriend, Billy plays a large role in the film and eventually convinces our heroine to lose her virginity. Unstable as all hell, Billy is one character that they casted quite well. Ulrich did a great job taking Billy from paper to the big screen.

Dewey: Deputy Dewey is Tatum’s older brother and basically a brother to Sydney. Working for the town police department, Dewey is the in for all the good information from the police. He’s a bit dorky and has a thing for Gale Weathers, but he’s a good man. He’s quite funny even though you wouldn’t expect it.

Gale Weathers: The town reporter desperate to get a story so big that it launches her to stardom, Gale is cut throat. She doesn’t care who she steps on or who she hurts on her way to the top. She takes great joy in trying to be the first reporter to get the inside scoop on the murders. She even flirts with Woodboro’s deputy, Dewey. Gale and Sydney have quite the volatile relationship.

Randy: The towns film buff and all around geeky boy, Randy is a sweetheart. In love with Sydney, he doesn’t quite approve of her relationship with Billy. As the resident film buff, Randy is how we first learn the rules of horror films.

The Deaths:

There are a number of death scenes that are just fantastic.

Tatum: If you had no fear of garage doors before seeing this film, you definitely did after. After getting trapped in the garage with the killer, Tatum attempts to escape via the kitty door on the garage door. She manages to squeeze most of her torso through before the killer begins to raise the door. Needless to say, Tatum’s exit is quite the explosive smash.

Casey: Only in the opening scene of the film, the hanging of Drew Barrymore’s characters body was a great addition. Hung using her own intestines, Casey’s body is found by her mother and father.

Billy: Just when you think the killer is down, he comes back for one last scare. Returning briefly from “the dead”, Billy is shot point blank in the head by Sydney to ensure his death. Watch the film and you’ll understand why this death was so well done.

The Rules:

Randy shares with us the rules to successfully survive a horror film:

You may not survive the movie if you have sex.
You may not survive the movie if you drink or do drugs.
You may not survive the movie if you say “I’ll be right back”, “Hello?” or “Who’s there?”


– The film was originally titled “Scary Movie”

– The high school janitor featured wearing a Freddy Krueger-esque sweater was played by Wes Craven himself!

-Craven talked to Barrymore about animal cruelty to keep her crying and make her look terrified on film.

-Rose McGowan could infact fit through the pet door on the garage door.

– In the scene in which Ghostface busts his head through a window and Casey hits him in the face with the phone, Wes Craven was wearing the costume and was actually hit in the face.

Ode to Films

The first Scream pays hommage to a number of horror films.

– A Nightmare on Elm Street is referred to a number of times. Directed by Craven, this is not a big surprise. I quite enjoyed the little jabs here and there at the series.

– Halloween has some references as well. In the opener Casey’s father tells her mother to “drive down to the Mackenzies” which is a quote directly from the film. The film is watched at Stu’s party thanks to Randy. Billy’s last name is Loomis, an ode to Donald Pleasences character in the film.

– As Stu and Billy reveal themselves to Sidney as the killers, they stand head to head, echoing a famous still photo from the film The Thing With Two Heads (1972).

– When Casey is dragged across the lawn by the killer, it is highly reminiscent of Dementia 13.

– The blood pooling at Gale Weather’s feet by the news van is reminiscent of a scene in Night of the Living Dead where blood pools on the floor by Barbra’s feet (played by Judith O’Dea).

– Sidney mentions The Town That Dreaded Sundown while she, Dewey and Tatum are buying food for the party

– Friday the 13th – When the killer calls Casey Becker, he asks her “Who was the killer in Friday the 13th?”. She exclaims Jason Voorhees as the answer, but the killer meant the original killer from the first movie, Jason’s mother

– The Exorcist – When Billy sneaks into Sidney’s bedroom, he says he came by due to being bored, sitting at home watching a TV-cut version of The Exorcist.

– Basic Instinct – Stu and Tatum had an argument about Casey and Steve’s killer. Stu told that it was a male, but Tatum sayed it was a girl, giving Basic Instinct as an example.

– All the Right Moves – Tatum mentions wanting to see All the Right Moves so she can see Tom Cruise’s penis.

– Clueless (Alicia Silverstone’s character was quoted)

– The Silence of the Lambs – Billy mentions Jodie Foster (who played Clarice Starling in the movie) in one scene with Sidney. He also mentions Hannibal Lecter and that they never decided why he liked to eat people.

– I Spit on Your Grave – When Tatum encounters the killer in the garage, she mistakes him for Randy, exclaiming “So what movie is this from? I spit on your garage?”

– Smoke and Clerks are both seen on the top of Stu’s video player, a poster for Clerks is also seen in the background of the movie store.

– Psycho – When Billy shoot’s Randy he says “Anthony Perkins, Psycho”

Horrifying Halloween Rating: 

Halloween 5

Terror Rating:

Terror 3

31 Days of Halloween Horror Film Countdown!

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our coming soon scroll, then you know that we have a special Halloween treat!

Starting today, we will be doing our 31 Days of Halloween Horror Film Countdown! Join me as I prepare for the day of tricks and treats as I discuss some of the best (and worst) horror films that you can watch and celebrate with!

We’ll focus on a variety of categories including horror trilogies/sagas/collections, so bad you can’t help but laugh films, gory films that make your stomach turn, originals versus remakes and cult classics.

First up, join me as I tackle the films featured below and more in my Scream More than Once featurette!!