10 Fun Facts about The Mortal Instruments

In celebration of the official announcement that production will begin on The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes, we bring to you 10 fun facts about the film! This list was put together by Republic Records and shared via TMI Source!


Hollywood studios were initially hesitant to produce a film version of The Mortal Instruments because the book features a female lead.

TMI author Cassandra Clare was asked to change Clary to a male lead character. Clare would not consent to this change. Thank you, Cassandra Clare for pushing that Clary remain as the lead character!


Author Cassandra Clare played a big role in the pre-production process of The Mortal Instruments.

It’s no surprise that most studios change the plot of a book to fit the film. With Clare working on a majority of the pre-production process, TMI kept, for the most part, its original plot.


The same executive producer who worked on The Lord of the Rings movies is the executive producer of The Mortal Instruments.

Cassandra Clare was so impressed with what Robert Shaye did with The Lord of the Rings that she handpicked him to work on TMI as well. For anyone who has seen The Lord of the Rings you can understand why this was such a smart choice!


The soundtrack for The Mortal Instruments features Demi Lovato, Colbie Caillat, and Ariana Grande.

The artists selected to appear on the films soundtrack are a diverse and talented group. Our favorite: ‘When the Darkness Comes’ performed by Colbie Caillat.


The director of The Mortal Instruments purposely shied away from using too much CGI or too many special effects in the film.

Rather than utilize CGI to make the “Downworld” in TMI feel real, Harald Zwart uses his characters to sell the idea of an alternate universe. During filming, Lily Collins—who plays lead character Clary Fray—explained. “What they’ve done with this project is really acknowledge the fact that it is such a fantasy world,” she said, “that if we don’t make it real in some way, you’re going to lose the audience in the CGI stuff.”


Lily Collins was a huge fan of The Mortal Instruments book series long before she agreed to play Clary Fray.

Collins didn’t accept the role of Fray simply for the paycheck that comes along with it. She accepted it because she’s a big fan of fantasy books and read the entire series long before she was cast as Clary Fray.


Many of the The Mortal Instruments actors were required to train extensively prior to shooting the movie so that they could perform the necessary stunts.

“[Director] Harald [Zwart] was like, ‘I don’t want any wires; I don’t want any wire work. I don’t want that. I want it to be very much if you’re going to do something, if you’re going to do a  flip, then you need to be able to do a flip,”” Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays Jace Wayland in the movie, said earlier this year. So Bower had to train hard to be ready to do all of his stunts. I was thoroughly impressed with how Bower handled doing his own stunts in the film. The action scenes definitely were amazing work.


Jamie Campbell Bower wasn’t actually the producers’ first choice to play Jace Wayland.

The producers didn’t want Bower to play the role of Jace initially. Once they paired him with Lily Collins and had them read a scene together, their chemistry was undeniable. Upon this announcement, I am curious to know who the original actor was that the producers wanted to cast as Jace.


Fans of The Mortal Instruments actually played a role designing a number of things that appear in the movie.

When the TMI crew was doing things like designing weapons and gear for the movie, they frequently looked at fan art on the Internet to get a better idea of what people thought things in the book looked like. They didn’t copy any ideas. But they did use the ideas as inspiration. Any of our readers notice anything similar in the film that might have been inspired by fan art you did or that you’ve seen??


A sequel for City of Bones called City of Ashes (based on the second The Mortal Instruments book) will go into production next month and is scheduled be released next year.

You won’t have to wait another three years to see a second TMI movie! City of Ashes is slated to begin production in late September/early October.



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