The Nerdy Girlie’s Top Futurama Episodes!

With the impending end of the beloved Comedy Central show Futurama, I look to one of my favorite bloggers and a huge fan! The Nerdy Girlie has compiled a list of her favorite Futurama episodes! Are any of these on your list? 

10.  Attack of the Killer App – This was the first episode of the new seasons that got me back on the Futurama LUV train.  The first two were slow go, but this one hit the nail on the head and had me LOL-ing the entire time.  I still love going back and watching this one.

9.  Fry and the Slurm Factory – Who doesn’t love Willie Wonka?  This was a fun take on the classic movie and how could you not fall in love with Slurms Mckenzie!?

Me with Futurma at SDCC 2009-2013.
8.  War is the H-Word – This is one of my favorites ONLY because you get the list of Bender’s most used words.  LUV IT!

7.  Teenage Mutant Leela’s Hurdles – Any of the episodes with songs are great in my book.  I use to even have the New Justice League’s theme as my ringtone!  I would also LUV to cosplay as Leela’s alter-ego ….

6.  Parasites Lost – The Magic School Bus, The Muppet Babies and now Futurama.  I love a good explore the human body episode!  It is also sweet that Leela begins to find her feelings for Fry.

5.  The Problem with Popplers – Another good sing-a-long in this episode!  The team really makes those Popplers mouth watering!
Me & Bender at my 1st SDCC {2009}.

4.  Future Stock – I really LUV the episodes that look back on Fry’s live in the 80s.  That Guy is hilarious and he creates one of most loved parts ever in the history of the show.  When That Guy sings The Safety Dance song! 

3.  The Late Phillip J Fry – Time travel is one thing that really captures my attention.  Another classic Futurama song is made.  This my most favorite of the new episodes.
2.  Three Hundred Big Boys – The tally of Fry’s coffee consumption is genius!  I love seeing the orange blur save the day!

My The Breakfast Club vinyl with DIY-ed 7 leaf clover.
1.  The Luck of the Fryrish – Don’t you forget about me!  NEVER!!

Check out The Nerdy Girlie

Don’t forget to tune into the season finale tonight on Comedy Central. 

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