‘Vampire Academy’ Graphic Novel Artist on her set experience

Back in June, Emma Vieceli got the chance to visit the Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters set in London. Vieceli, in charge of putting together the Vampire Academy graphic novel, has written a detailed post of her visit telling fans about meeting the cast, swooning over Danila and her work on the graphic novel.

“Oh, I’m sorry! Do you mind me touching your leg?”

Zoey Deutch is laughing and cheerful despite already needing to source strong coffee after an early-morning start, location shooting on Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters. I’m perched on a tall director’s chair while cast and crew take a well-earned break, flanked by Zoey and an equally smiling Lucy Fry, unable to possibly raise objection to the afore-mentioned touching of my leg; largely because these girls make it easy to feel in minutes that you’ve known them for years.

I suppose, in a way, I have.

After all, I’ve been drawing the characters they’re now playing for over three years. Rose and Lissa are incredibly alive to me and, though I don’t know Zoey and Lucy well, they’re so perfect for their roles that it’s hard to feel like a stranger.

I had in fact brought books for the cast and director as a thanks for letting me visit, and left a couple for the actors I wouldn’t be meeting too. Producer Don Murphy was a fantastic host and managed to find opportune moments between shooting for us to nip onto set and chat with director Mark Walters as well as the more casual moments with the cast off-set. Seeing different actors’ reactions to the graphic novel was like an eye into what they themselves were getting out of being a part of the Vampire Academy world. From Lucy’s admission that she was fearful to read ahead, wanting to be constantly surprised by where Lissa takes her (so, no spoilers, chaps!), through Danila’s energetic page flipping to find his favourite bits of the second book (“Oh, is this the bit where I..?”) up to more jaw dropping from me when Zoey exclaimed brightly “Oh, I have that already. I’ll only take another if you sign it.” Well, how could I refuse that? Though I’m still mortified that I spelled her name as Zooey and not Zoey in the dedication…how utterly embarrassing. I’m blaming sheer emotional overwhelming. I don’t think I was quite prepared for the unique experience of hugging physical manifestations of my drawings! A-maze-ing ^_^

Be sure to read up on all the details of her visit.


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