True Blood Gets Staked!: Celebrating Jason Stackhouse

Let’s celebrate Jason Stackhouse!

Jason is the brother of Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and is definitely a fan favorite. Jason seems to almost always land in a bad situation as he searches for his identity. More often than not, Jason is swayed by his desire for sex and that often lends to him getting in trouble. We’ve watched Jason grow and change over the course of the seasons. He is one character we will surely miss as we say goodbye to Bon Temps.

**1** Murder He Wrote

We first meet Jason in the throes of passion with Maudette Pickens. Jason discovers fang marks on her inner thigh and comes to find out that Maudette is a blood whore. She goes to vampire bars and allows vampire men to bite her and have sex with her. Having filmed it, she has Jason watch the tape and convinces him to re-enact it with her. This scene involves a bondage hook. Later Maudette is found strangled to death and Jason is accused of murder.

Having believed he killed her, Jason is distraught. Maudette, being the saucy temptress she was, recorded the encounter and the tape is found by police officers. In the tape it is seen that Maudette pretended to be dead and was in fact still alive when Jason fled the scene. Upon release Jason runs to Dawn for some much needed comfort sex.

**2** Prejudice, Blind Love and more Bondage

Jason makes his presence known at Gran’s civil war group meeting at which Bill has agreed to speak. He treats Bill poorly with prejudice while getting cozy on the couch with Tara, Sookie’s best friend. Tara is in love with Jason, albeit Jason is too thick-headed to notice, and when he suddenly remembers he has to pick Dawn up from work, he rushes off leaving Tara to wallow in her unrequited love. This time around Jason is the one tied up. Dawn has left him tied up in bed as she trots off to work. Left to his own devices, he eventually gets free surprising Dawn as she returns home. After not being able to perform with Dawn, she runs him out of her house at gunpoint.

**3** Jason, Lafayette, Tara and an hard situation

Jason, desperate to purchase some Viagra, turns to Lafayette. He informs Jason that he doesn’t sell it, but offers vampire blood instead. He says it will not only help Jason perform but it’ll be the best sex of his life. Although he can’t afford it, Jason strips down and does a little dance much to the pleasure of Lafayette. He returns to Dawn with flowers in hopes of wooing her back between the sheets. Unfortunately for Jason, he finds her dead. Brought in for questioning on this murder, he drinks the entire vial of V before the police can find it. This causes Jason’s manly parts to rise to occasion and never fall down. Tara lies to help get him out of jail and takes him to the hospital where the fluid is drained via a very large needle and no anesthesia. Lafayette convinces Jason to try V again and explains how to properly use it to avoid this exact situation from happening again. A very stoned Jason professes his love to Tara at Merlotte’s. She tells him to wait until he’s sober and in response, Jason hooks up with some random bar goer behind the bar.

**4** Addicted to V

While on V, Jason first hears the news of Grans death. At the wake he proceeds to blame Sookie for her death, shoves Andy down when accused as being Gran’s murderer as well, invites creepy Uncle Bartlett to the funeral (regardless of the fact that he molested Sookie) and tries to purchase more V off Lafayete.

Desperate, Jason journeys to Fangtasia to attempt to buy some V off the bartender. Over hearing the conversation, Amy pretends to be his girlfriend and lures him away with promises of V. They become quite close over a trip on V and Jason opens up about his parents death. Here we see a vulnerable side to Jason. He introduces her to Merlotte’s and she’s hired as a waitress.

**5** Abduction

Jason and Amy become addicted to V and when their supply runs dry, they follow Lafayette to Eddie. They kidnap Eddie, tie him up in the basement and use him for his blood. They have sex right in front of poor Eddie. Jason and Amy tell each other they love each other but soon there’s trouble in paradise. Jason’s rage grows each time he gets high on V. He bonds with Eddie and even gives Eddie Tru Blood when he’s weak. Upon finding the bottle, Amy gets into a fight with Jason. Eddie and Lafayette have warned Jason about Amy and her issues. Jason, deciding to let Eddie go free, is stopped in his tracks by Amy who stakes Eddie. They dispose of his remains in the garbage disposal.

**6** Amy Gets Staked (Not really but she does die)

Jason doesn’t want V in the house anymore but Amy convinces him to try it one last time before they stop. During this trip, someone enters their home and strangles Amy with a belt. In her drug-induced dream state, Amy dies with a smile. When Jason wakes next to her corpse, he realizes that he must be the killer if he’s always the last one to see people alive. He begs to be locked away to avoid hurting anyone else. Sookie however has a lead. She believes Drew Marshall is the killer. Soon we find that Drew is in fact Rene. Rene unsuccessfully tries to kill Sookie. Jason is released from prison and he can finally rest.

**7** The Rebirth of Jason

Jason vows to change: to stop drinking, to stop sleeping around. The murders have shaken him to his very core. Joining Fellowship of the Sun, he is now part of an anti-vampire cult. Moving up the ranks quickly, Jason’s one friendship is strained with fellow member Luke. Together they build a crucifix platform upon which a vampire will be left to burn in the sun. Jason abstinence decision is short lived as Sarah, the church leaders husband, is convinced her husband is a bad man and that her and Jason are meant to be. Commence sex scene here. Sookie tries to infiltrate the complex with Hugo and gets caught. Upon finding out that she is related to Jason, Steve orders Jason killed. Tables are turned and Jason comes out on topHe rushes back to Sookie’s aid, lying to reenter the compound. There, he teams up with Bill and the Dallas vampires to save the day, barging in as Eric is about to be sacrificed to the sun.  Steve attempts to take Sookie hostage, but Jason shoots the gun out of his hand. He admits sleeping with Sarah then knocks Steve out with one punch. Godric thanks Jason for his help, and Eric pardons his previous V use. Jason apologizes to Bill for his previous bigotry towards him, then reconnects with Sookie, talking about what they mean to each other and the fact that they’re all the other has left.

 **8** The Return to Bon Temps

Returning to town, the gang finds the town in chaos. Under the powerful finger of Maryann, Jason convinces the mob that he’s a god sent for them to worship. Jason and Andy attempt to take out Maryann but are drawn in to her charmed web. Sam kills Maryann snapping Jason back to reality. Jason kills Eggs and Andy covers it up.

**9** Jason Reborn…Again

Tara is beyond upset about Eggs’ death, believing that Andy shot him in self-defense. Andy urges Jason to stay the course and behave like his old self, which means picking up chicks. He brings two girls home with him, but he pictures them with bullet holes in the foreheads and can’t perform. He pays a visit to Sookie, startles her and gets a swift kick to the groin. She is upset about Bill’s disappearance and is concerned about werewolves, so Jason consults Andy. The two of them go out to lunch at Merlotte’s, where a glowing story comes on TV about Andy’s heroism. Even though a drunk Jason is jealous that Andy is getting praise for his murder, he toast him to the entire bar. On the drive home, Andy gets a call about a meth lab being busted and takes along Jason, who spots a strange woman in the woods. He asks if she’s okay and she disappears, then he walks back to the car, tackles a fleeing meth dealer and decides that he wants to be a cop (just without the actual “becoming a cop” part).

**10** Deputy Stackhouse

Since the studying isn’t going well, Jason threatens to tell the truth about Eggs’ murder if Andy (now acting police chief after Sheriff Bud retired) doesn’t make him an officer. Andy puts him on phone duty, and Jason spends his time making paper clips chains and playing with the fingerprint machine. He also confronts cocky high school quarterback Kitch Maynard, who is poised to break Jason’s records, telling him he’ll just be replaced by the next hotshot. While washing a police cruiser, he spots the strange woman from the woods drive by. Shirtless and soaking wet, he jumps in the car and chases her, pulling Crystal (fitting name, given her association with meth) over. She doesn’t buy that he’s a cop, and he asks her to meet him that night at Merlotte’s. She says no, but shows up anyway. Before she arrives though, Andy tells Jason he pulled some strings and makes him a deputy. Jason and Crystal stroll under the moonlight and kiss. She tells him they only have now, but he’s a bit of a rushy boy and is apparently all ready for forever. Their lakeside tryst is cut short when she sniffs something and runs off.  Jason shows up with flowers at her trailer, but her fiance Felton answers and Crystal denies knowing him.

**11** Enter Sookie

After Sookie, Bill and Tara break out of Russell’s mansion and Bill nearly drains Sookie, Jason rushes to the hospital to be with his sister. Bill convinces Jason to allow him to heal Sookie with his blood, Sookie wakes up screaming and Jason orders him to stay away or he’ll kill him.

 **12** “Me” Time

Pining over Crystal, Jason confronts the drug dealer he arrested. He is actually Crystal’s cousin, and he’s going through meth withdrawal. Jason is about to trade drugs for deets when Andy stops the transaction. None of that matters though, because Crystal shows up at his door with wet hair and a black eye, asking for his truck.  He won’t let her leave without an explanation, and she says she’s been promised to Felton (also her brother) since she was 4, and he hit her when she told him she didn’t want to marry him anymore. Jason gets some more action, then goes out for food, grabbing a shotgun before he leaves. He actually goes back to the meth lab, where he finds a trail of blood and a were feeding on a deer. He threatens Crystal’s father Calvin, ordering them to leave Crystal alone or he’ll call the cops, then returns home to find Felton interrogating her.  She claims she was kidnapped and raped, and Felton attacks Jason, but then she knocks Felton out cold with the butt of the shotgun. They find him carrying V, drive to him a secluded location and call the police. Felton beats the responding officer near to death and escapes.

 **13** Vampire Hunter

After Jason and Sam beat the piss out of Calvin at Merlotte’s, he stumbles on Franklin, who is about to snatch Tara. He points a shotgun at the vampire, who arrogantly laughs how futile it would be to shoot him, so Jason pulls the trigger and destroys Franklin with a wooden bullet. He and Tara bury the remains.  Covered in blood, they find Bill and Sookie at Jason’s house. Bill makes him promise to protect Sookie during the daytime, and that he must be prepared to confront werewolves. Sookie convinces Jason to come clean with Tara about Eggs, but before he can, she thanks him for saving her and they kiss briefly (remember all the way back, pre-lesbian, when she was in love with him?). He blurts out the truth, and she walks out without a word.

**14** Panther Purr

Jason finds a note from Sookie that she has “gone out.” Bill chastises him for letting Sookie out of his sight, and Jason rescinds the invitation. He then finds a black panther in his room, which winds up being werepanther Crystal. He doesn’t take the news well, loads up his shotgun with wooden bullets and goes to look for Sookie. Instead, he finds Kitch Maynard surrounded by girls and throwing the ball with superhuman strength. Jason accuses him of using V and threatens to tell the coach, but the LSU-bound star says the coaching staff is already fully aware and that there’s no test for V. He vows to break every record Jason ever set. Now upset over playing clean all through high school, Jason returns to Crystal, tells her he wants to stay together because being a panther isn’t so bad and that he loves her.

**15** Leader of the Pack

The DEA is set to raid the werepanther meth/V facility, so Jason and Crystal warn everyone in an effort to save all the dirty inbred kids there. Calvin is disposing of the V when Felton shows up and shoots him in the face to save the drugs. He orders Crystal to leave with him or he’ll kill Jason, and she does, telling him he has to protect the kids. The car pulls away, and Jason introduces himself to all the gross little kiddies. The DEA brings Jason in to the station in handcuffs, furious that he tipped off the dealers of the raid, and Andy assures him he’s lost his best chance to be a full cop. Still, Jason feels like he did the right thing.

**16** Werepanther Group Time

We pick things up a year later, and Jason is a full-fledged cop. Everyone thought Sookie was dead (she was really in Fairyland for 10 minutes, her time), so he sold Gran’s house to Eric. He is still caring for the werepanther tribe, sticking to his responsibilities and forming a bond with the kids. But while making a food delivery, they trap him in a freezer. He wakes up on a dirty mattress, with his feet and hands bound to the bedposts. Werepanther kid Timbo is there, repeatedly licking a cut on Jason’s head. Felton appears, threatens him with a shotgun and tells him he’s about to get f—–d. A purring Crystal, hopped up on V, explains to Jason that the pack has been decimated by inbreeding and they’re going to use him to keep the family going. But first, they have to turn him into a werepanther. Crystal and Felton disrobe, transform and begin biting his exposed torso. The kids follow suit in the first-ever werepanther gang rape in television history. Little Becky, next in line to get pregnant, eventually sets Jason free when he convinces her to wait to lose her virginity. He runs into the woods, and Felton gives chase, Crystal and Timbo hot on his heels. Jason manages to kill Felton with a sharp stick, and Crystal kicks the corpse and declares them mated for life. She says his place is now in Hotshot as the father of the clan.

 **17** Jason and his many suitors

A badly-wounded Jason makes it to the main road and collapses just as Hoyt and Jessica are driving by, and she quickly gives him some of her blood to save him. Later, he has sex and dreams about her. He confesses to Hoyt that he was raped and speculates it was God’s punishment for all the casual sex he has enjoyed over the years, and Hoyt confides in him that he feels Jessica slipping away. With a full moon coming, Jason worries he might turn into a werepanther, even though Alcide and Debbie assure him you can only be a were or a shifter if one of your parents passed on the gene.  Sookie tells Jason she is silvering Eric because of Marnie/Antonia’s curse that could make vampires fatally daywalk, and realizing that Jessica would also be in danger, he rushes off towards Bill’s. After Jessica breaks through her silver shackles and kills a guard, she is about to crawl outside when Jason tackles her back into the house. She attacks him, but then snaps out of the spell and retract her fangs. She credits him with saving her life, and the two begin to kiss. Jason carries her back to her cell and re-binds her in case the spell was only temporarily dropped. Bill says they are indebted to him, and Jason agrees to look the other way about the guard Jessica killed. Later, Jessica visits him to say she’s broken up with Hoyt, but he is distraught at his best friend’s loss and rescinds her invitation.

**18** Saving Mavis

Jason and Andy are called to Hoyt’s, where the spirit Mavis has possessed Lafayette and stolen Arlene and Terry’s son Mikey, believing it to be her own murdered child. Jason takes control when a V-addicted Andy is unable to handle the situation, and after Jesus communicates with Mavis, the two of them dig up her dead baby’s bones in the front yard. Reunited with her little boy, Mavis moves on and leaves Lafayette’s body.

**19** Truck Delight

Jason sticks around at Hoyt’s house, helping him repair the door, when Hoyt asks him to bring a box of Jessica’s possessions back to her. When she invites him inside, he says it wouldn’t be right, so they have sex in the back of his truck. Afterward, he feels guilty and asks to have the memory glamoured away, but she refuses. A heartbroken Hoyt moves in with Jason for awhile, but all he does is cry, sleep and fart all the time, so Jason asks if he can stay at Sookie’s. She tells him Bill wants to blow up the Moon Goddess Emporium with Tara, Marnie and all the other witches inside, and they must rescue Tara.

 **20** Marnie, No More

Lafayette, Sookie, Jason and Jesus try to figure out how to break the protective shield outside the coven, and Jesus uses his demon head to bypass it and enter the building. Tara and Holly use a chant to break the protection spell and rush outside, but Marnie’s incantation teleports everyone but Jason back inside, leaving him by himself until Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica show up to blow the place to holy hell. They are about to attack when Jason informs them that Sookie is inside, and of the force field. They respond, “f**king Sookie,” and he’s all like, hey, that’s my sister! As the battle nears its end, Marnie agrees to release Sookie if Bill and Eric kill themselves. They agree, but before they can, Pam shoots a rocket into the force field, and the explosion badly injures Jason. Jessica has to feed him more blood to save him. Marnie then casts a spell causing the vampires to walk towards the shield, and Jason struggles to hold back Bill and Jessica. Unsuccessful, he think-tells Sookie to stop whatever is going on. She uses her fairy power to break the spell, Jesus and Lafayette break the possession and Antonia breaks the shields. The vampires rush in, and Bill kills Marnie.

**21** More Sex

Jason can’t stop thinking about Jessica, so he tells Hoyt they’ve been intimate (like there’s anything intimate about vampire sex). Hoyt beats him to the ground and tells him there’s something missing inside of him, and he walks away while a bloody Jason mutters his apologies. Jessica comes over, and they have sex on the sofa. She doesn’t want to be his girlfriend because she doesn’t want to hurt him, and he’s cool with that, so they get freaky again. She assures him he’s not missing anything inside of him, and she leaves.  A few minutes later, the doorbell rings, and Jason is shocked to see Steve Newlin there, baring some new fangs. Newlin glamours his way inside and ties Jason up, professing that he is a “gay vampire American” who is in love with Jason. He replies that he’s flattered, but doesn’t swing that way. Steve attacks him, and Jessica comes to the rescue.  Jason rescinds Steve’s invitation, and they go at it for round three.

**22** The Jessica-Hoyt Dilemma

Jason tries to to smooth things over with Hoyt, but all the road crew guys call him “girlfriend [person who fornicates].” He goes to Jessica’s and finds her hosting a party for college kids. but his feelings are hurt when a frat boy hits on her. Cammy takes an interest in him, so focuses his attention on her. They leave together, and she invites him back to her sorority house. But he just wants to take her home and not have sex.

**23** The Epiphany

He and Andy talk about their relationships en route to finding Debbie Pelt’s abandoned van, which has V that Jason pours out. Later, a young boy walks into the police station and punches Jason, claiming his parents were getting divorced because Jason slept with his mother. He tries again to talk to Hoyt, who kicks him out of the house. On the way out, Hoyt’s mom Maxine pretends to be mad but then thanks Jason for breaking up Hoyt and “that red-headed slut.” Jason is grocery shopping when he runs into Miss Steeler, a teacher he had sex with in high school. After they reminisce, both verbally and physically, Jason decides he can’t just be a piece of delicious and dirty meat anymore.  Sex will no longer be used to fill the void in his heart, and he even rebuffs Jessica’s advances and says he can’t be friends with girls. She instruct him to get a beer while she puts on some sweats, and they talk things out in an effort to actually be friends.

 **24** Protecting Sookie

Sookie barges in and admits killing Debbie and turning Tara into a vampire, and Jessica overhears everything. Alcide tells Debbie’s parents a partial truth, at least admitting she’s dead, and they call off the investigation. But Andy refuses to stop and presses forward with a search of Sookie’s house before Jessica glamours him into forgetting about the case. Jason asserts she is a good friend to him.

**25** A Faerie Good Time

 Judge Clements, Andy and Jason get into a limousine with three beautiful women who place bags over their heads. They are led into a field and escorted through a portal into a faerie world nightclub. Jason, forgetting his apparently vow against sex, begins hooking up with a girl named Leda.  She asks why he is thinking about a vampire, and he wonders how she read his mind when they are interrupted by cousin Hadley. She explains that this is a faerie refuge from vampires and that Sookie should be there with them. He thinks she’s safer with vampires, but Hadley assures him that if they don’t get Sook to safety, she’ll be killed by a vampire just like their parents were. Beans spilled. Jason’s like, what? My parents died in a flood. Hadley has already said too much and walks off, with Jason giving chase before he and Andy are thrown out of the faerie safehouse.
**26** Let the Visions Begin
Jason wakes up wearing pajamas on the couch, with his parents and a young Sookie eating breakfast at the table. Both parents have bite marks on their necks that are gushing blood, and Mrs. Stackhouse asks Jason if he wants sex to make him feel better.  He wakes up with a start on his real couch, naked, and gets a phone call of two shifters found murdered. While examining the bodies, he again sees his parents with blood gushing from their neck wounds. Jason finds a wooden bullet lodged in a tree and extrapolates that the shooters might have a grudge against anything supernatural. He visits his parents’ graves and awakens from a nap to see his father, who always called him “Champ” and made him feel good about himself, and he vows to find the vampire that killed them.
**27** Turning On Vampires
Jason tells Sookie about the faerie nightclub, and she commands he take her there. When they get to the field, she senses the club and pulls Jason in with her. Faerie Claude tells them their parents were killed by a vampire who smelled something in the back of their car — a Band Aid with a drop of Sookie’s blood on it. She is distraught at the news, but Jason assures her it was not her fault. A drunk Jason visits Jessica and breaks the news that a vampire was behind his parents’ deaths, and she supports his decision to track the guy down. But he tastes blood when they kiss, and he curses her for being just as bad as the murderer. She calls him a hypocrite and bites him, and he shoots her in the head to get her to stop. She is furious, and the guards rush in and point their weapons and Jason, who says it’s not a big deal because they’ll all heal anyway. Jessica kicks him out and he happily obliges. Jason finds Sookie trying to drain all her faerie power because she’s tired of being a freak, but he convinces her that it could help them later on, particularly when it comes to learning about their parents.
**28** The Obamas Ku Klux Sideshow
Andy and Jason continue investigating the murders of supernatural beings by gunman wearing Obama masks. Jessica warns Jason that she can no longer feel Hoyt and makes him promise to find out what happened. He and Andy stumble on to a website called “Keep America Human,” with a posted video showing a masked man dancing in the cowboy boots Bud was given at his retirement party. He is the new Dragon, and they track the Klan to Bud and girlfriend Sweetie’s pig farm.  Andy fatally shoots Bud, and with the help of Sam and Luna, they rescue Hoyt and Sookie (who had also been kidnapped) and severely beat down Sweetie.
**29** Goodbye, Sweet Hoyt
Jessica and Jason are both summoned to Merlotte’s, where Hoyt meets them and says he is moving to Alaska to work on a rig there. He asks Jessica to glamour away any memories of her and Jason, so that he can get a fresh start. They are devastated, but Jessica obliges him, tenderly offering him hope for a carefree life and a new, better first love.  Jessica and Jason tearfully leave him alone in the booth. Later, Jason recognizes Hoyt’s truck and pulls him over, begging him to stay even though his friend doesn’t recognize him. He ends up wishing him a safe journey.
**30** Warlow Sounds Like a Mario Character
Jason picks up Sookie from her home, despondent over the loss of his friend and failing to make progress in the investigation into his parents murder. She tries to console him before a message from Gran leads them to a metal box located in a compartment under the bed. Inside, they find a scroll covered with arcane symbols. A 500-year-old faerie named Maurella is the only one who can read it, and she identifies it as a contract written in 1702 that states Mr. M. Warlow is entitled to John William Stackhouse’s first fae-bearing female heir. And no faerie girls were born in the family in three centuries, until Sookie came along. Sookie reveals to Jason that the ghost of Warlow told her he was coming for her.
**31** Jason Stackhouse, Vampire Hunter: Part II
Bill is growing increasingly radical when it comes to human-vampire relations, and Jessica promises him she will turn Jason in an effort to save his life. She and her guards find him, and she asks if he trusts her. The guards tell Jessica that if she doesn’t put Jason in the ground, they will, so she bites him and begins violently sucking his blood.  She lies next to a still Jason in a grave as the guards begin to bury them, gives a signal and Jason pops up and shoots both guards with wooden bullets.  He rushes off to warn Sookie that Russell Edgington is back, looking for her and her delicious blood, and Sookie gathers the faeries and insists they band together to fight Russell. Jason and Sookie have a heart to heart, and he promises to fight by her side. But while keeping a lookout, Jason is attacked by Russell and Steve Newlin, who glamour him into leading them straight to the portal.  The elder faerie tries to fight them, using her photokinesis to throw Steve across the field. She accidentally hits Jason, as well, and Russell drains her. Having consumed her blood, he can now see the sanctuary and moves to attack the faeries, who hold him at bay with their beams of light. An advancing Russell is ambushed and staked by Eric.  Sookie rushes to help Jason, who is groggy but alive and envisions his parents urging him to hate all vampires. Eric, Tara, Nora, Sookie and Jason arm themselves at the Stake House and prepare to infiltrate the Authority to rescue Pam and Jessica and free Bill from Lilith’s grasp. They storm the compound, and Jason revels in the violence against vampires. Nora and Eric release the prisoners, and Jessica is ecstatic to see Jason. She professes her love for him, but he rejects her because she is a vampire.  Jason waits in the elevator with Pam, Nora, Jessica and Tara while Eric and Sookie go after Bill and watch his transformation into Bilith. They flee the compound, with the vampires’ fangs bared and Jason’s gun at the ready. Jason shoots one vamp as the doors open, and he runs up the stairs screaming “I’m coming for you Warlow!” Nora asks “What do you know about Warlow?” and the season ends with that.
What’s Next for Jason?
Is this new vampire-hunting persona going to stick around? Is Jason going to take the lead as the war between vampires and humans breaks out? Will he be able to resist his connection with Jessica? Can anything else insanely ridiculous happen to him, like several litters of werepanther babies suddenly showing up?

Share your thoughts with me!

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