Mockingjay Casting Update!

Not along ago, we announced the addition of Julianne Moore to the cast for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay due to be a two-part film released in 2014 and 2015.

Today we have some more cast announcements for you!

Patina Miller, a Tony nominated Broadway star, has been brought on board as Commander Paylor. The District 8 leader is tasked with assessing Katniss’ commitment to the rebellion. As the battle grows more complicated, she takes on increasing prominence and makes decisions that will have lasting effects on Panem.

Natalie Dormer has been brought on to fill the role of Cressida,  filmmaker-turned-propagandist for the anti-Capitol cause, Cressida follows Katniss through several battles flanked by a camera crew. Dormer is best known for her steamy roles in The Tudors and Game of Thrones.

Stef Dawson joins the crew to fill the role of Annie Cresta! A victor-by-default of a previous Hunger Games, the PTSD-suffering District 4 native is the love of Finnick’s life. Bad things happen to Annie quite frequently. Dawson is known only for her role in an Australia thriller, Wrath.

Messalla, assistant to Cressida and a body-pierced filmmaker from the Capitol who joins the rebellion, will be played by Evan Ross. Ross had a recurring role on 90210 and will play Dallas Austin in VH1’s TLC biopic. He’s also Diana Ross’ son and Ashlee Simpson’s boyfriend.

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