31 Days of Halloween: Scream More than Once: SCREAM 2

Scream 2 (1997)

Directed once again by Wes Craven, this sequel follows Sydney to college two years after the tragic events in Woodsboro. Both her and Randy are now attending Windsor College, him focusing on film and her focusing on drama. Trying to move on with her life has been hard to do after Gale Weathers has written a tell all book entitled “The Woodsboro Murders” which is being turned into a film. As the film releases, a new wave of terror roles through town as a new killer dons the Ghostface costume and once again, Sydney must fight for her life. This film reunites Neve Campbell, Jamie Kennedy, David Arquette and Courtney Cox from the original film and brings on new comers Liev Schreiber, Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Timothy Olyphant (Justified, Hitman), Jerry O’Connell (Joe’s Apartment, Jerry Maguire) and Elise Neal (The Hughleys, My Manny).

The Characters:

– Hallie: Playing best friend to Sydney Prescott is a to die for role. In this film, Hallie is a fellow student at Windsor College and is incredibly supportive of Sydney. Unfortunately, it’s her event that first gets Sydney attacked: a mixer at Delta Lambda Zeta. She’s a sweet girl, but I was honestly surprised her character lived as long as she does.

– Cotton Weary: The man falsely put in jail for the murder of Maureen Prescott as a result of Sydney’s testimony, is finally free. Gale has promised him an interview with Sydney. Sydney, unaware of this plan, is surprised on campus one day and the event ends with Gale getting punched in the face yet again. Weary desperately wants recognition for his innocence and his fifteen minutes of fame. He ends up being a key component in the final scenes of the film.

– Mickey: Good ol’ Mickey. Turns out Mickey, another film buff, has just a few screws loose. He’s a handsome guy, smart-everything you’d ever imagine would work for a serial killer. Backed by the mother of Billy Loomis, Mickey thinks he’s going to have a huge famous trial and go down in history as one of the top world serial killers. Loomis’ mother has different plans for Mickey.

– Debbie Salt/Mrs. Loomis: Mrs. Loomis has concocted quite the scheme to get back at Sydney for the death of her baby boy. She has a fake identity and brings Mickey on board to be the second killer. Her plan is perfect- or so she thinks. Sydney is much tougher than round one.

– Derek: Syd’s love interest this time around is a great guy- pre-med, fraternity brother, and he loves her. He faces Ghostface not once, but twice trying to keep Sydney safe. Unfortunately for Syd, the plot just doesn’t let her be happy. After wavering with doubt when Mickey tries to convince her that Derek was the second killer, Derek is stabbed and left to bleed out. Sydney, distraught over the fact that she basically killed Derek by not believing, is not left alone to face Mickey and Mrs. Loomis.

The Deaths:

Randy: The one we thought would make it through it all (or at least most of the films) finally reaches his end. After bad mouthing the killer on his cell phone while the rest of the crew tries to find the caller, Randy is dragged into Gale’s van and killed. When the gang returns to the van and see’s blood spilling out of the closed doors, they find Randy dead inside. Many a fan shed tears for the death of Randy.

Cici: The sober sister, home alone while everyone else is at the mixer, puts up a good fight when faced by Ghostface. Unfortunately for her, she is captured and tossed over the balcony after being stabbed. Her death results in everyone leaving the mixer to see what’s going on and leaves Sydney vulnerable to the killer. It was hard to see Buffy go down like that.

Mickey: Thinking he’s about to become a legend due to all the media attention during his trial, Mickey states “it’s going to rock.” Shortly after, Mrs. Loomis guns Mickey down. The sheer fact that he is so excited to become a public spectacle and go down in the history books as one of the worlds greatest murderers only to be shot by a little woman makes this one of the better deaths in the film.

The Rules:

1. The body count is always bigger.
2. The death scenes are always much more elaborate, with more blood and gore.
3. Randy starts to describe the third rule: “If you want your films to become a successful franchise, never, ever…’ before being interrupted by Dewey. However, the film’s original teaser trailer featured an extended version of the rules scene which reveals that originally the third rule was supposed to be “Never, ever, under any circumstances assume the killer is dead.” This referenced Randy’s last line in the first Scream which stated that a killer always comes back to life for one last scare.

The lack of a third rule in the film’s final cut was a deliberate in-joke by the crew, referencing the fact that it is impossible to ensure that a horror franchise will be successful.


 –  In Cici Cooper’s death scene, at the time Ghostface is about to throw her out, use the frame by frame, you could see a man’s head peeping then sinking down again, probably thinking that the taping was over.

– The setting of the film is a reference to college slasher films where a group of college students gets killed off by a killer.
– The first person the killer calls in this movie is Cici Cooper. He then goes onto to kill her. The first person the killer called in Scream was Casey Becker. Cici was Casey’s copycat victim with her real name being Casey Cooper.
– Three actors from the Call of Duty video game franchise had appeared in this film. Liev Schreiber, who played Cotton Weary, had voiced the character Kamarov in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Sarah Michelle Gellar, who played Cici, appeared as a playable character in the Zombies level Call of the Dead, and Timothy Olyphant, who played one of the main antagonist’s Mickey Altieri, voiced the character of Grinch in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Ode to Film:

– Stab is a film based on ‘The Woodsboro Murders’ written by Gale Weathers. It is built as a spoof on Scream right down to the logo. The scenes seen in the film in the film directly correlate to scenes in the first film. Tori Spelling is interviewed by Nancy O’Dell (both making cameos) to promote the film.

– This time around we get the rules to a sequel thanks to the quick thinking of Randy and his knowledge of horror films.

– There are also references to David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston, who Courteney Cox Arquette co-starred with on Friends.

–  The first time we meet Cici Cooper she is alone in the sorority house and on the phone with her friend talking about the show Party of Five, on which Neve Campbell starred for six years.

Horrifying Halloween Rating:

Halloween 4

Terror Rating: 

Terror 3


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