31 Days of Halloween: Scream More than Once: SCREAM 4

Scream 4 (2011)

Tens years have passed since Sydney last fought Ghostface. She has moved on with her life including having written a best selling self-help book. On the last leg of her book tour, Syd returns to Woodsboro- the place it all began. Here she is reunited with Dewey and Gale, her aunt and her cousin. Unfortunately for Sydney, you can’t always return home with a few skeletons in your closet. The killer has returned and this time there’s no guarantee anyone will make it out alive. Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox return to their roles joined by new comers Emma Roberts (Valentine’s Day, Hotel for Dogs and niece of Julia Roberts), Hayden Panettiere (Heroes, Nashville), Alison Brie (Community, Mad Men), Adam Brody (The O.C., Gilmore Girls) and Rory Culkin (Signs).

The Characters:

Rebecca: Sydney’s publicist is all about getting Syd famous. She’s ambitious and driven. I quite liked her character. Most of her scenes were with the three main characters of the film. 

Kirby: Best friend to Sydney’s cousin Jill, Kirby is just what you would expect of a high school girl. Loud, rambunctious, and rebellious- all the things that fit hand in hand with a good horror film. She likes Charlie who just so happens to play a large role in the film. 

Jill: As Sydney’s cousin, it is no surprise that Jill is an unsuspecting victim of Ghostface. She is a seemingly innocent teenager reeling from a betrayal from her boyfriend who is thrown into the deep end as a killer stalks and murders her friends. Little do the viewers know that behind that innocent facade is a fame-seeking psycho. 

Charlie: Quiet and nerdy, it’s no shock that Charlie is part of the whole plan. Killed by Jill, Charlie dies, leaving Jill the sole survivor…or so she thinks. 

Deputy Judy: Having gone to school with Sydney, Judy was not an original target of Ghostface. In the new film, Judy is basically Dewey from the first film. She appears to have a small crush on Dewey which causes tension between her and Gale. Regardless, Judy saves Gale from the killer. 

The Deaths:

– Olivia: Kirby is getting what she believes to be a prank call from Jill’s ex-boyfriends phone. It’s the killer claiming to be in the closet. He tells her he never said her closet and proceed to murder Olivia in her room. 

– Kirby- Charlie tricks Kirby into thinking he’s being attacked by Ghostface only to turn on her when she comes outside to untie him. He stabs her in the stomach.  Kirby is left to bleed to death. 

– Trevor: The ultimate death scene in this movie, Trevor is murdered by Jill. Furious with him for cheating on her, Jill shoots Trevor in the groin before shooting him in the head. 

-Charlie: Thinking that him and Jill are going to be uber famous for surviving the attacks, Charlie is surprised when Jill stabs him in the heart. She tells him that there’s nothing people love more than a sole survivor. 

– Jill: As Jill lies in a hospital bed, she is pleased with herself thinking she is finally the sole survivor of the killings. She believes she has murdered Sydney until Dewey informs her that she is still alive. Sneaking into Syd’s room, Jill attempts to kill Sydney one last time. Jill is killed in this scene after being electrocuted by Sydney. 


– This is the first movie where Dewey doesn’t get stabbed in some way.
– This movie is the sequel with the most homage count to its original.
– Sidney’s Blue Climax scene outfit closely resembles her blue Jacket and undershirt in Scream.
– Dewey says the line, “Gale, behind you.” in this movie and in Scream 3 and 2.
– This is the third movie that Sidney falls from a height. In Scream she falls off the roof onto a boat. In Scream 3 she jumps out of the window of her mothers “murder room scene” and in this movie she slips off the roof.
– This movie still involves The Stairs Chase scene.
– The protagonist/s see a dead body, then the killer gives chase. This is featured in the First and the Fourth movies. I.e. In Scream : Dewey with the knife in his back being witnessed by Sidney then the killer chases her. In Scream 4 : Robbie bleeding to death being witnessed by Sidney, Jill and Kirby then the killer runs after them.
– Several of the new characters appear to be based on the characters of the first movie:The killer was featured on the movie poster for Scream 4. That hadn’t been done since the 1st Scream movie.
* Jill Roberts resembles Sidney Prescott and Billy Loomis.
* Kirby Reed resembles Tatum Riley and Sidney Prescott.
* Trevor Sheldon resembles Billy Loomis and Neil Prescott.
* Charlie Walker resembles Randy Meeks and Stu Macher.
* Robbie Mercer resembles Stu Macher and Randy Meeks.
* Ross Hoss and Judy Hicks are based on Dewey Riley.
* Rebecca Walters is based on Gale Weathers.
* Olivia Morris shares some similarities with Tatum Riley.
* Kate Roberts resembles Maureen Prescott, Sidney’s deceased mother.
– As of this movie, there are only 3 original survivors left.
– During the scene in the Cinema Club, posters from various other movies directed by Wes Craven were seen. These include The People Under the Stairs and The Hills Have Eyes.
– This is the first movie that the motive doesn’t have to do with or relate to Maureen Prescott’s murder, although her death was mentioned and recreated, Jill stated that her own mother had to die and the truth to the original.
– Scream 4 is referenced in British Drama Waterloo Road.
– Scream 4 is referenced for a mistake in Great Movie Mistakes III: Not In 3D.

The Rules:

“Don’t fuck with the original.” (Stated to be first rule by Sidney.)
– “You pretty much have to be gay in order to survive. Everybody dies.”
– The original ending is a false ending in the remake.
– The killer is always behind you.

Ode to Film:

– References to Previous Scream Films

** Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper’s deaths are a ‘remake’ of Casey Becker and Steven Orth’s deaths.
** The scene were Jenny Randall’s back gets crushed by a garage door is a minor reference to Tatum’s death in the first movie. This reference is in the Theatrical Version only.
** The scene were Charlie is tied to a chair and Kirby being quizzed by Ghostface is a reference to the opening scene of Scream.
** The Stab-a-thon in an isolated Barn hosted by Charlie and Robbie is similar to Stu Macher hosting a party in his isolated house as a set for the finale of the Woodsboro killing spree.
** The two “Stab” opening scenes reference the openings to the first two Scream films. In the first scene (from “Stab 6”) two teen girls, home alone, receive menacing phone calls before being killed (like Casey in Scream). In the second scene (from “Stab 7”), a girl is stabbed in the gut by the person sitting next to her while watching a “Stab” movie (like Maureen in Scream 2).
** Officer Hoss and Officer Perkins are homages to Detective Richards and Detective Andrews from Scream 2. Like the Detectives in Scream 2 the Officers in this movie die in/next to the vehicle whilst protecting Sidney and her loved ones.
** Judy Hicks wears a bulletproof vest to defend herself from gunshot. This a reference to Scream 3.
** Ghostface calls Sidney to tell her to turn on the news where she sees a reporter talking about Gale’s attack, and telling her everyone is going to die while all Sidney can do is watch, similar to another Ghostface calling in Scream 3, who wants her to turn on the news where she sees news reporters talking about the death of Cotton Weary and asks her if she thinks the killings are over.

– Saw IV(mentioned in Stab 6)- the movie Trudie and Sherrie were suppose to watch. Trudie finds the movie gross instead of scary.

– Halloween- mentioned by Kirby when quizzed by Ghostface. Jill also mentions Michael Myers the killer of the movie. (Rated Version)
– Texas Chainsaw Massacre- mentioned by Kirby while quizzed by Ghostface. Charlie mentions Leatherfacethe killer of the movie.
– Dawn of the Dead
– The Hills have Eyes
– Black Christmas
– Last House on the Left
– The Amytiville Horror
– Piranha
– Bambi- Kirby’s ‘favourite scary movie’ as a reply to Robbie’s question.
– Peeping Tom
– Suspiria
– Don’t Look Now
– Shaun of the Dead- watched by Jill and Kirby.
– Prom Night
– Final Destination – Olivia says the Final Destination franchise should be about Sidney since everyone who meets her dies.
– Sorority Row
– Child’s Play
– A Nightmare On Elm Street
– The Exorcist
– Friday the 13th
– When a Stranger Calls

Halloween Horror Rating:

Halloween 5

Terror Rating:

Terror 5



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