IMPORTANT:: 2014 SDCC Badge Changes and Prices!

Social media has been in an uproar since the latest San Diego Comic-Con news went live yesterday. The release from SDCC discusses new changes for the badge sale as well as the new prices for this years con.

Taking a look at the price table released, the first thing you’ll notice is the lack of 4-day badges. SDCC has decided to only release single day badges this year. My opinion is that this is an attempt to allow more people to attend the con. I imagine a lot of people who purchase a 4-day badge often don’t go all four days. By allowing only single day badges to be purchased, I think this makes it so only people who truly plan on attending each day will shell out the money for all four days.

The next thing you’ll notice is the rise in price. Although sympathetic towards people who are concerned about the prices, I do have to say that you should just expect increases in price as the years go on. It’s simply the way things work. The cost of everything rises for SDCC from the location to security and so on. They have to offset that cost somewhere which is where we’re seeing price changes. I don’t feel the price changes are drastic enough to warrant some of the anger I’ve seen on social media, but I can also understand that this is frustrating for everyone.

I have read quite a few articles now on the news and this one by Tony Kim, the brilliant man behind, and someone I personally consider to be one of my SDCC gurus, is quite possibly the best I’ve read. He is incredible at explaining the recent developments as well as being the voice of reason in this situation as well.

Head over, take a read and get prepared! Hopefully this break in news means that pre-reg sales are just around the corner! I know I will personally feel much less stressed out once sales are over!

Hopefully I’ll see some of you this summer in San Diego! Good luck to everyone during badge sales!


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