Prepping for SDCC Badge Sales??

If you’re one of the many preparing for the sale of SDCC badges, make sure you’re following these amazing SDCC gurus! Their  blogs were instrumental for me last year and will continue to be this year I’m sure! They have great information about what to expect, how to prepare, and just overall really great posts about SDCC!

The fabulous Megan over at The Nerdy Girlie is one of my favorite bloggers. She posts a continuous segment on her blog entitled Everyday Cosplay which I love. She basically shows easy ways to put together everyday items of clothing to create a cosplay of a certain character! She even breaks it down by showing you where she got the items she used in the picture! Take a look at her site, you will not be disappointed!

Tony over at Crazy 4 Comic Con is another great source of information. Not only does he keep up on the latest SDCC announcements, he also posts some really interesting articles. Last year prior to SDCC, he had posted a bunch of fan articles about their first times at the con. He’s doing it again this year and I think it’s an amazing way to show people who have never been to SDCC what it’s all about. Tony is not just about SDCC. You can catch information on his blog about Comikaze, NYCC and a number of other really awesome events! Peruse his site a bit and hopefully you’ll find it just as amazing as I do!

When Nerds Attack is probably one of the first blogs about SDCC I came across last year. They are incredible about breaking down new official announcements. They do their best to keep up on the schedules for SDCC including signings which was very helpful last year! They also post a lot about other cons including C2E2. They’re just an incredible source of information and definitely a must read for anyone attending SDCC ’14!

Again: Good luck to everyone during badge sales and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Hopefully I’ll get to see some of you in sunny San Diego this summer!


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