Syfy’s Being Human Fans!

Are you a fan of the Syfy show Being Human?

If you are, then you already know that the show has officially been cancelled and will end its run in April.

I am putting together a very special vlog entitled ‘Farewell to Being Human.’ It will air shortly after the series finale!

I am looking for fans to submit a brief 30-45 second thank you video that will be added to my vlog. If you want to say thanks to the cast & crew, now is your chance!

All videos will be viewed by me & if deemed inappropriate in anyway I will not use the footage!

Join me in giving a huge thanks to the cast & crew of an amazing show! Let’s show them just how much the fandom cares for them!

Please email your thank you clips to



Syfy Cancels ‘Being Human’

Today was a bittersweet day as the official announcement was released that Syfy has canceled ‘Being Human’. The show will end it’s four season run this April.

The cast came together and produced a little thank you video to the fans:

Over the last four years, I began to feel that I had become a part of the family. Watching Aidan, Josh, Sally & Nora grow was an incredible adventure. The cast came together to thank us, the viewers, for being a part of the journey. I want to thank the cast and crew for without them, there never would have been a show for us to all become a part of. ‘Being Human’ wasn’t just another tv show. It brought countless fans together in a beautiful community. The cast was incredibly welcoming of their fans & so appreciative.

The news was really hard to take. It’s difficult watching yet another show that I love being canceled. I don’t know the reasoning behind the cancellation, but I do know that fans everywhere are shocked & dismayed by the news. I am at least glad that the show will tie up all the loose ends before the series finale on April 7th.

Between now & then, I will continue to recap the episodes for you guys over at The Nerd Element on Youtube. I am also in the process of working on an extra special video just for the series finale.

To Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington, Meaghan Rath & Kristen Hager: Thank you for an amazing journey, for making us part of your ‘Being Human’ family & most of all for just being one of the most down to earth & incredible casts! Thank you for being so kind to fans & giving us lasting memories. I wish I would have had the chance to meet all of you at one point in time.

Here’s to hoping that San Diego Comic-Con has one last final hurrah for the cast at the con this summer!

Be on the lookout for my special ‘Farewell to Being Human’ vlog shortly after the series finale!


Along with many of my fellow SDCC ’13 goers, I participated in the pre-registration sale on February 8th.

I logged in when the waiting room opened, far too eager to wait to log in right before the sale opened. I was also incredibly nervous that my computer wouldn’t work or my link wouldn’t work, so I figured the earlier the better to smooth out any kinks.

It was hard to wait 2 hours, yes 2 HOURS, for the sale to begin, but once it did I was excited! I waited. I waited some more. I then proceeded to wait some more.

I was not getting in to buy badges and I was freaking out.

Thankfully, an amazing friend of mine managed to get into the room before me and purchased my badges for me! I was pumped! By the time I actually made it into the sales portion of the room, all that was left was Sunday badges! I am so thankful that I had someone who could help me out!

So this is the official announcement!


I hope you are all prepared for the wonderful updates to come as well as *hopefully* some amazing giveaways after the con!