Geeks who Inspire Me

One of the most wonderful things about having a nerdy love for certain shows, games and so on is the amazing community! There are a few nerdy bloggers that I absolutely adore and enjoy following!

This page is dedicated to them and their work! I hope that you’ll take a look and enjoy what they have to offer!


Megan over at The Nerdy Girlie is absolutely wonderful. From her amazing information on San Diego Comic Con to her everyday cosplays, she is exactly a symbol of the amazing people I consider part of my nerdy community. She makes every effort to make her followers feel like friends, not just readers. She’s incredibly diverse in what she enjoys and shares that with her readers. Her passion for what she loves is absolutely incredible. It’s something that definitely draws me to her blog.


Tony over at Crazy 4 Comic Con is a true SDCC guru. His vast knowledge on cons is impressive and so incredibly useful. I’m so glad that he’s chosen to share that knowledge with all of us. He has so much insight and wonderful ideas to share. I love perusing his blog and finding something new. Tony is so kind to his followers and so humble. He welcomes nerds of all walks of life. His passion draws me to his blog and I have no doubt it’s what draws other readers to his work. He has a dazzling personality and cares so much for others which really shows in his writing and his interaction with his readers.


Sara over at What a Nerd Girl Says has some of the most amazing book reviews. A few books I’ve read were actually bought after reading reviews on her site! She has such an eclectic blog and really reaches out to all types of nerds. Following her adventures to book signings and other events is so exciting! She is a writer and it’s so nice to see her share her tips for writing with her readers. I love reading her blog and learning new things.

When Nerds Attack

Barb and the rest of the crew over at When Nerds Attack are an incredible source for all news SDCC. They do cover other events and nerdy news, but they are one of my main sources for SDCC info and updates!


The Nerd Element is a fairly new endeavor. A wonderful crew has come together to produce different vlogs! From books to sports to film to gaming, there’s something for everyone! I recently joined the crew to produce two segments which you can read about in my blog! You can check out their Youtube channel for some amazing videos!


Anna over at Glitzy Geek Girl is incredible! Not only do I find her posts about her trips to different conventions absolutely fascinating, but she has some amazing cosplays! She posts photos of one of the cutest cats EVER! She posts some wonderful tutorials on her blog for those who are into cosplay. Check out her blog & follow her Instagram!



The crew over at Nerd Fu ROCK! They have so much information to share with your on their site! They’re incredible! They also have some amazing prize pack giveaways which blow me away. They are so interactive with their followers on Twitter! If you haven’t already checked the site out, go now! I promise you won’t regret it!


Share your thoughts with me!

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